EZI –RISER the ultimate Ute accessory from $38500

Proudly kiwi designed and built

The concept of the Slide on truck camper dates back to the 1940’s and over the years has been widely modified to suit truck design changes and the public’s ever increasing appetite for squeezing every conceivable extra into the available space. It is no secret that the top selling vehicle in New Zealand currently is the double cab Ute, the combination of a car like interior space with a pickup deck gives us all a vehicle with the versatility of 2 cars in one. When designing a camper suited to this style of vehicle a number of problems are evident. The deck length on most double cab Utes currently available in New Zealand is approximately 1500mm, a very small area compared with traditional Utes available in the past. The position of the rear axle is close to the front of the deck where traditionally it would be toward the center of the deck giving a better loaded balance. Finally the Utes of today are considerably higher than in the past.

The EZI-RISER has been specifically designed with these changes in mind and is carefully constructed with a 70% front weight bias to project the weight of the camper evenly on both the front and rear suspension of the vehicle. The total floor length is 1700mm which allows the camper to be fitted to the Ute with the tailgate removed (a simple 10 minute job on the current model Ford Ranger shown) to safely tow that boat or trailer with ease. The EZI-RISER use 4 linear actuator jacks to raise the roof to an inside height of 6ft 3”(1900mm). When lowered to the travelling position the top causes minimal drag which makes driving extremely comfortable and reduces extra fuel consumption experienced with conventional campers.

The EZI-RISER uses a construction system made up of a steel RHS framing sandwiched in a combination of aluminum sheet and polystyrene to be light weight, ultra-strong and very well insulated. The interior cabinetry is of high quality New Zealand plywood, the seat squabs and mattress are of a triple layer foam covered with rugged commercial grade fabrics for ultra-comfort and long life. Both exterior and interior surfaces are finished in high gloss, long lasting automotive 2 PAC paints.The EZI-RISER is designed to be completely self-sustainable and uses a 12volt house battery system (no 240v required) to power the LED lighting, water pump, refrigerator etc., and is charged while the Ute is in operation.

EZI-RISER NOMAD Base Model start at $38500 NZD incl.GST

Base Model

  • Standard double bed with mattress
  • 2 Person Dinette with Folding Table
  • Standard Cabinetry with Formica bench tops
  • Heavy duty vinyl flooring
  • LED Lighing
  • Standard roof vent


  • Heavyduty mechanical camper jacks
  • Electric jack upgrade
  • 65 litre 12v refrigerator
  • 2 burner gas hob with 4 kg bottle
  • Solar panel Package
  • 2.8 metre side awning
  • Rear awning
  • Stainless steel sink unit with glass lid
  • 40 litre water tank
  • 12v water pump


  • Extra house battery
  • Spray-on deckliner floor coating
  • Colour coded paint package to match your Ute
  • Mounting kit / fitting service
  • Ute to Camper wiring upgrade
  • Air bag upgrade for your Ute / fitting service
  • Portable toilet
  • Aluminum folding entry ladder
  • Plumbed exterior containment

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